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The Characters

The Detective

Detective Soma Dan’s husband and two daughters vanish one evening from right behind her back. After a fruitless search, she learns that the only way she’ll get answers is to find and confront an Aleph, a being that before all this she’d thought of as a childhood myth. This leads to her discovering the deep corruption of these secret leaders and turns her tenacity toward bringing them to justice.

The Victim

Paul wakes up in a white room moments after being murdered. He’s told by a young girl, who knows more about him than he does himself, that he’s going to be brought back to life so he can tell everyone that the Aleph rulers must be destroyed.

The Machinist

Aramis, a young woman marginalized because of her peculiar race, has the simple desire of becoming a machinist. But when a new world leader rises to power, causing chaos all over, her skills and powerful abilities awaken in order to shift the tide against the chaos.

The Rogue God

After centuries locked in stasis, Nathan discovers that the worlds he helped create are exactly as corrupt as he feared they would become. He’ll have to be more careful this time if he wants to overthrow the successors of those that imprisoned him.

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