The Worlds

Mebar is a network of worlds connected through portals and transit worlds that are only accessible by its human overseers, called the Alephs. It was created with one great flaw: a limit to the number of souls it can house. When these Alephs hold god-like authority, the corruption hidden in the managing of that soul space became vast.

The Mirror Worlds


The New Aleph starts on the post-industrial world of Prometheus. It is the most populated in Mebar, and most people there believe that after a two millenia interstellar journey, Prometheus was teraformed and inhabited. However, they think the other worlds of Mebar, and the ruling Alephs, are superstitious myth.


Pan began as the architectural side-project of two of Mebar’s creators. They didn’t want to be burdened with also designing geography, so they used a mirrored copy of the entire globe of Prometheus as their canvas. Eight centuries later, it is the second-most populated world, one where most day to day technologies include components made from magic-based materials.

People here are also aware of some of the other worlds that make up Mebar, but very few know that there are thousands out there.

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