Monday, November 20, 2017

012 Act I Recap w/Don't Panic Radio Show

I talk with Paul and Steve over at The Don't Panic Radio Show about Mebar and writing and they ask me some awkward questions. All for your listening pleasure, of course.

(Just so you know, there are mild spoilers for the story up to this point so far, and a few teasers of what's to come)


Warning! Below is a timeline of the events up to this point (that's up to Chapter 9 and the Act Break Interlude), so if you haven't listened that far, DO NOT READ BELOW here!

Timeline (Chapter 1 - Chapter 9):
  • (day 1) 5th of May: 
    • Soma’s family vanishes
    • Paul is kidnapped
  • (day 2) 6th of May:
    • Paul is murdered
  • (day 3) 7th of May:
    • Irse uses the Aleph’s investigation going on concerning the disappearance of Soma’s family to begin her machinations, which starts with her waking up Nathan 
  • (day 4) 8th of May:
    • Soma meets Viki
    • Paul wakes up in a white room after being kept in stasis for two days. Irse tells him to proclaim that the Alephs are evil
    • Soma gets the Midnight Caller potion from Travis
    • Paul enters Pan
    • Soma meets Ignacio using the potion
    • Aramis is woken up by the potion by accident
  • (day 5) 9th of May: 
    • Aramis welcomes Jules to Pan
    • Soma writes down notes from her meeting with Ignacio
    • Nathan finishes a 2 day bender, goes to the HNM center, and finds out something’s wrong with Mebar
    • Paul steals Aramis’ job
  • (day 6) 10th of May: 
    • Aramis makes it to Hempstock, meets Paul
    • Soma learns the truth about her family
  • (day 7) 11th of May:
    • Soma enters Pan as a preyvede
    • Nathan makes it to Threshold
  • (day 8) 12th of May:
    • Nathan talks with Carini about the changes to Mebar
    • Aramis runs into Paul at the Remnants study
    • Soma talks with Ignacio all night
  • (day 9) 13th of May:
    • Soma talks with Phyllis
    • Nathan escapes from Threshold
  • (day 15) 19th of May:
    • Aramis and Paul talk before their second Remnant study meeting
    • Viki helps Assembly member Negri contact Irse, who tells them she wants Nathan to kill all of them

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