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022 Recap 2 w/Don't Panic Radio Show


My segment with the guys is in the second half of the episode, but don't be a jerk and fast-forward to that, hang out for the whole episode! It's all good, I guarantee it, guys.


Story recap, of everything since last recap! (Spoilers spoilers spoilers......SPOILERS!)
  • (ACT I ended in mid-May, as Soma decided to settle in to Pan, Nathan had to go back to Prometheus, and Aramis and Paul became friends at the Remnant study meetings.
ACT II (about a half a year later)

  • Early December: Soma pressures Ignacio to help her begin her vendetta against the Alephs (and to bond with her). Nathan goes on top of a hill to pressure Irse into appearing to answer some questions. Aramis has strong feelings for Paul, but he's still set on getting back to his girlfriend in Prometheus
  • Mid December: Irse tells Nathan that Mebar is no longer a computer simulation but instead a real, physical multiverse. Soma and Ignacio are captured when trying to get into Babel to gather evidence of Aleph corruption. 
  • Around Christmas: Nathan goes to Pan because Irse tells him something is about to happen, referring to the appeal hearing that Soma demanded upon her arrest. Nathan, impatient with Aramis' hesitant explanation of the preyvede bond, does his own detective work and meets Milton and Aubry, two older Preyvedes. 
  • APPEAL HEARING: The head Aleph of Pan, Negri, kills Ignacio after he killed many people at the hearing in an escape attempt. He then tells Soma he's going to wipe her memory and change nothing to help the soul space offender problem. Soma, now boosted by Ignacio's power (as per one of the conditions of their bond), loses control and explodes in fire, killing everyone in the room except Negri. Embarrassed by losing control of things, Negri passes on his Assembly seat to Soma, telling HER to try and fix the soul offender problem. 

ACT III (Three weeks later)

  • January 17th. Soma has handed down orders to all the head mayors in Pan, saying that all soul offenders on the Main Continent must be arrested. If they turn themselves in before the deadline (February 22nd), they'll be sent to prison. If they don't, and they're found guilty, they will be executed. Preyvedes are fleeing the Continent in droves, since almost all of them have at least incidental connections to soul offender activities. 
  • Late January: The Remnant study group's leader, Kamel, turns himself in as a soul offender. The aggressive response to this from the Hempstock police, plus the Preyvede exodus, motivates Aramis to put together a plan to smuggle frightened people off of Pan.
  • Early February: Nathan and Soma both seek out allies, the former with a smuggler syndicate called the Soyou Cult, the latter with a semi-anarchist group called the Kaze Cult. Aramis finds out that over two hundred people want to join the group leaving Pan. 
  • February 20: Soma attends a Assembly meeting, discussing major problems multi-verse-wide, and gains important perspective. Aramis and Paul and the group, now diminished down to about 90, begin their march to the Narthex. Viktoria, on probation since Soma's hearing, has joined them, partly because Aramis does not want to bond with Paul in order to get him strong enough to open the Narthex door. 
  • The Deadline (February 22): Soma travels from city to city, delivering arrest lists (first to her Kaze Cult contacts, then to the mayors). Aramis and Paul are nearly to the Narthex, but after an argument concerning Viktoria, their friendship is strained. 

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